DM Distributing & Imports, LLC.


DM Distributing & Imports was created to provide solutions to the architectural & design community, homeowners, as well as builders & remodelers looking to create that beautiful hearth space either inside the home or outdoors. 

What we can offer you & your clients -

-A superior solution to the traditional masonry fireplace system.

-Cost effective solutions to the black metal fireplace.

-Superior quality Wood Fired Ovens.

-Multi – Venting solutions.

-Unmatched performance.

-An end to limited warranties

DM Distributing & Imports, LLC is the proud distributor of the Isokern product line including:

-Modular Masonry Fireplace Systems

-Outdoor Living Products

-Contemporary Options for Gas, Wood, or Bio Fuel

-Aggregate Chimney Systems

-Wood Fired Ovens

-Green-Tech / EPA Certified Wood Burning technology

-Innovative New Gas Products

-Multi-Venting Solutions

-And more!

Isokern brand products have an industry leading Lifetime Warranty

Manufactured for over 80 years in Europe and now in the US, Isokern carries the longevity to stand behind that lifetime warranty!

Isokern is Clean, Green, & Sustainable!

-Superior insulating properties,

-Sizes including a 28” patio fireplace to the impressive 72” Magnum!

-Flexible & Custom Design – both single & multi-sided!

This outstanding performance provides you confidence in the safety of the fireplace systems in your home!

View the Isokern website & watch the video to see more:

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We look forward to serving you!


Tom Westman

President / CEO

Phone:  (503) 488-5454 – Direct Line


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